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updated Nov 09

Intertidal flora and fauna

Phylum Chordata
  Subphylum Tunicata/Urochordata
Class Ascidiacea (ascidians)

White ascidian
awaiting identification

Pink ascidian
awaiting identification

Orange lobed ascidian
awaiting identification

Green gum drop ascidian
awaiting identification

  Subphylum Vertebrata
Marine snakes

Banded file snake
Acrochordus granulatus
Family Acrochordidae

Dog-faced water snake
Cerberus rynchops
Family Colubridae

Yellow-lipped sea krait
Laticauda colubrina
Family Hydrophiidae

  Subphylum Vertebrata

Black frogfish
awaiting identification
Family Antennariidae

Spotted-tail frogfish
Lophiocharon trisignatus
Family Antennariidae

Tropical silverside Atherinomorus duodecimalis
Family Athernidae

Chequered cardinalfish Apogon margaritophorus Family Apogonidae

Brown-stripe wrasse
Halichoeres bicolor
Family Labridae

Spotted perchlet
awaiting identification
Family Chandidae

Muraenichthys sp.
Family Ophichthidae

Burrowing snake-eel
Pisodonophis crancrivorous

Short-nose halfbeak
awaiting identification
Family Hemiramphidae

Family Centriscidae

Gold-spotted mudskipper

Family Gobiidae

Silver-lined mudskipper

Family Gobiidae

Slender-lined shrimp-goby Cryptocentrus
Family Gobiidae

Specked shrimp-goby
Cryptocentrus sp.
Family Gobiidae

Variable fang-blenny
Petroscirtes variabilis
Family Blennidae

Shadow goby
Acentrogobius nebulosus Family Gobiidae

Head-stripe goby Amblygobius

Family Gobiidae

Brown shore goby
Drombus triangularis

Family Gobiidae

Freckled goatfish
Upeneus tragula
Family Mullidae

Single eyelid flathead
awaiting identification
Family Platycephalidae

Keyhole eyelid flathead
awaiting identification
Family Platycephalidae

Mosaic d ragonet
awaiting identification
Family Callionymidae

Tomato anemonefish Amphiprion frenatus
Family Pomacentridae

False clown anemonefish

Amphiprion ocellaris
Family Pomacentridae

Yellow-banded damselfish Dischistodus fasciatus Family Pomacentridae

Platax sp.
Family Ephippidae

Copperbanded butterflyfish
Chelmon rostratus
Family Chaetodontidae

Striped eeltail catfish Plotosus lineatus
Family Plotosidae

Carpet eel-blenny Congrogadus subducens
Family Pseudochromidae

Blue-spotted fantail ray
Taeniura lymma
Family Dasyatidae

Large-tooth flounders
Family Paralichthyidae

Bristletail filefish
awaiting identification
Family Monacanthidae

Estuarine seahorse Hippocampus kuda
Family Syngnathidae

Tiger-tailed seahorse
Hippocampus comes
Family Syngnathidae

Alligator pipefish Syngnathoides biaculeatus
Family Syngnathidae

Seagrass pipefish
awaiting identification
Family Syngnathidae

Yelloweye pufferfish Arothron immaculatus
Family Tetraodontidae

Painted scorpionfish Parascorpaena picta
Family Scorpaenidae

False scorpionfish
Centrogenys vaigiensis

Three-spined toadfish Batrachomoeus trispinosus
Family Batrachoididae

Hollow-cheeked stonefish
Synanceia horrida
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