Semakau Survey 2005
26 June 2005
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The mangrove survey ...
photo by genevie
Most of the volunteers are off to survey the lush mangroves at Semakau.

photo by genevie
The mangroves are vast. Kilometres of trees in lovely soft mud...

photo by genevie
It was hard work, trudging through deep mud to get a closer look at the trees and plants growing there.
photo by lim cheng puay
In many places, the mud was knee-deep or deeper. It requires special mud-walking skills to make it through alive.
<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">There were even
Sometimes, mangrove trees have to be climbed in order to get samples to verify the identity of the tree.
photo by lim cheng puay
Fortunately, we had experts like Subaraj
to help us with identifying the
marvellous plants, animals and
birds of this rich mangrove.
photo by genevie
There were even seagrasses growing in the streams flowing through the mangroves.

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