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FAQs on becoming a guide at Semakau
Training schedule: Sep 05
Prep list for field training
Factsheets about our shores

Preparations for a training visit to Semakau
What to expect
Be PUNCTUAL or be left behind. Time and tide waits for no man.
Be prepared for LOTS of walking
Be prepared for LOTS of note-taking

Things to prepare
Have a good breakfast/lunch before trip.
Drink lots of fluids beforehand.
Have a good night's sleep beforehand.
If you are not feeling well, please DO NOT come.

What to pack

Wear appropriate footwear: You need footwear that will protect your feet from sharp corals. Footwear also shouldn't come off from your foot in the soft mud.
Appropriate: diving booties.
Appropriate: Closed shoes (old sports shoes with laces is fine)
Not ideal: Pua Chu Kang boots/waders--they come off in the mud.
Not ideal: Shoes fastened with velcro--they too come off in the mud.
Absolutely prohibited: NO sandals, NO Japanese slippers, NO wearing plastic bags over shoes
People with inappropriate footwear will not be allowed onto the shore.
Where to buy booties?

Song Brothers Blk 17 Beach Road, on street level next to coffeeshop near Kampung Glam CC, army plus stores, opposite Golden Mile Complex

Footwear to change into for journey home.

IC or other identification. In case of checks by Marine Police and other authorities.

1 litre drinking water is ideal, even on cool night trips

Small snack to energise self.
There might be delays in transport and other unforseen circumstances, so meals might be delayed. If you are bringing food to share, don't bring too much.

Raingear (poncho, raincoat), umbrellas are useless as winds are strong on the flats.
Hat for sun

Notebook and pen to take copious notes.

Basic medical kit to take care of your own medical needs.

Insect repellent (sandflies sometimes present). But no spraying of repellents near the shore as these are toxic to marine animals. Don't spray in enclosed areas with other people around either, as it is annoying to others.

Waterproof all electronic gear in ziplock bags. This includes handphones, cameras, torch, batteries.
Spare plastic bags for wet gear so they don't mess up your dry ones.

What to wear? The water will at most be knee-deep. Keep clothing light. There are sometimes a lot of mosquitoes in the mangroves and sometimes sandflies too. Longs are advisable (long pants and long sleeved shirt) especially for moving through the mangroves.

Keep your pack light. In some sites, you will not be able to leave it on shore and will have to carry it with you throughout the trip.

Valuables cannot be left unattended. We may not bypass start point on way back, so be prepared to carry everything throughout the trip.

Last toilet stop: West Coast Pier and NEA jetty.

Walks go on regardless of weather. We only cancel as a last resort. Walks are stopped only when there is lightning and/or heavy rain. If the weather is bad, we usually wait until it clears. Of course if by then the tide has come in, we cancel.

See also What to Prepare suggestions given to visitors to Chek Jawa.

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