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Poster exhibition
of our Southern Shores

Volunteers across various groups gathered to put together and run the poster exhibition. The volunteers include guides from Chek Jawa, Blue Water Volunteers and other nature lovers. They contributed their time to share personal experiences with our shores, as well as effort to print the photos and pamphlets and put together merchandise. The exhibition is funded from personal funds.

We would be happy to put up the poster exhibition at any event which would reach out to Singaporeans so that they can learn more this wonderful heritage of theirs.

To host the exhibition or volunteer to help at these public education efforts
email Ria at or Blue Water Volunteers Dionne at / tel : 68746867

Want to have a look at the posters?
Singapore HAS world-class reefs
Reef Life on the Sisters Islands
Amazing Sentosa
Pulau Hantu: an outdoor aquarium
Pulau Hantu: very much alive!
Underwater Wonders of Kusu Island
Reef Walk: walk on the wild side

Here's some of the stories we shared with some visitors...

anemone shrimp on hantu One Singaporean told us that he went all the way to Manado to photograph the anemone shrimp that was featured in our photo. These shrimps are quite common on our shores and easily viewed even by non-divers during low tide.
octopus on sentosa Another remarked that he had only seen an octopus once in his 10 years of diving in the region. We shared that we usually saw at least one if not more octopuses on EVERY trip we made to the Southern Shores. These amazing creatures can reach 1m in diameter, are very common on our shores and often encountered even by non-divers at low tide.
anemone fish on kusu Visitors were also amazed to learn that we have "Nemos" (Clownfish or Anemonefish) too. These are quite common, and happily frolick among the fabulous anemones of our shores. Again, they are easily seen at low tide by non-divers.
seahorses are not uncommon One visitor thought seahorses were extinct in Singapore. She was thrilled to find out that they are still common on many of our shores.

Some of the major exhibitions include
Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) 16-18 Apr 04
at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

We estimate that we spoke to nearly 400 visitors in total over the period of ADEX.
We are deeply indebted to PADI Asia Pacific, especially Shahram Saber for making the exhibit possible.

Humanimal Fair at the Substation 11 Sep 04
We reached out to about 50 visitors in the 3 hours of exhibition and got many sign ups for the Reef Walks. Here's some interesting photos of the event.
Launch of Clean and Green Week 6 Nov 04
We reached out to hundreds of visitors in the whole day event with many sign ups for the Reef Walks. BWV also took the opportunity to present the Prime Minister with the just printed guidesheet to the Southern Shores. For more pictures and hilarious stories of the event on Jani's blog.

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