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Full text of BG Yeo's speech during the Committee of Supply Debate (MTI) on 12 Mar 04. On the MTI website (PDF file). Extracted portion relating to the Southern Shores.
What will the Southern Islands development look like? These two place were mentioned as examples of what the development would be based on:

Atlantis, Paradise Island

Atlantis has been described as "the largest man-made marine habitat in the world" featuring "a living, million-gallon saltwater habitat (the world's largest outdoor, open water aquarium, complete with an underwater walk through a shark lagoon, giant sea turtles and thousands of tropical fish)" more comparisons of proposal with Atlantis.

Palm Island, Dubai
Touted as the 8th wonder in the world, this entirely man-made resort is being built through massive reclamation and construction: "Rocks weighing 7 million metric tons are being brought in from 16 different quarries throughout the UAE. If all the materials used to build it were placed end to end, a wall 2m high and half a metre thick could circle the world three times."
Overview of development plans

Sentosa Development Corporation's plans for Sentosa and the Southern Islands: The S$7-billion Redevelopment Plan 2012

see also Jen Lee's article in the New Paper
Other development plans
for the Southern Islands

Singapore's Capri
St John's, Lazarus and Renget islands to be reclaimed and developed after Italy's Capri. It was assured that 80% of the southern islands "will remain in its natural state". An S$280 million project targetted for completion in 2007.
Some details in an article on the RSYC website
An article with more details
Maris Stella School webpage on the project

URA plans
Southern Islands Planning Report 1996 with a summary of the plans for the statutory exhibition: "More than 70 per cent of Sentosa's greenery will be kept. Most of the natural environment in St John's Island, Kusu Island and the Sister's Island will also remain unspoilt."

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