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Full text of BG Yeo's speech during the Committee of Supply Debate (MTI) on 12 Mar 04. On the MTI website (PDF file). Extracted portion relating to the Southern Shores.

3 Jan 05
Dissimilar sites, so different design requirements
The Straits Times, 3 Jan 05

30 Dec 04
To get into a casino, pay $100 a day or $2,000 a year
with map of possible locations of the casino
by Glenys Sim and Kelvin Wong
The Straits Times, 30 Dec 04

Views split over proposed safeguards

by Kelvin Wong and Glenys Sim
The Straits Times, 30 Dec 04

Suggested 15% gaming tax is 'fair rate'
The Straits Times, 30 Dec 04

Decision on casino 'will take time'
The Straits Times, 30 Dec 04

20 Dec 04
A question of balance: PM Lee on party permits, casino views, financial rules By Tor Ching Li Today, 20 Dec 04

19 Dec 04
Singapore to invite casino operators to submit proposals By Hasnita A Majid
Channel NewsAsia, 19 Dec 04

4 Dec 04

Consultants hired to help with resort plan
By Glenys Sim The Straits Times, 4 Dec 04

MM Lee dismisses all speculation of an early general election and comments on casino
By Asha Poptalal Channel NewsAsia, 4 Dec 04

3 Dec 04
Casino in young leaders' hands MM Lee: With casinos just a short flight away, you can't stop gamblers
Today, 3 Dec 04

Casino bet not mine to make, says MM Lee
by Laurel Teo The Straits Times, 3 Dec 04

30 Nov 04
S'pore to call for casino concept proposals in a few weeks: report
By Thomas Cho Channel NewsAsia, 30 Nov 04

28 Nov 04
Singapore to seek casino proposals despite strong opposition Channel News Asia, 28 Nov 04

19 Nov 04
Mr Lee Hsien Loong's first 100 days as Singapore's Prime Minister Radio Singapore International, 19 Nov 04

18 Nov 04
Forum on Gaming: Casino resort may boost GDP, says economist The 230 people at a public forum on merits of a casino yesterday were almost equally split, with slightly more than half for the proposal, report Joyce Teo and Tan Tarn How The Straits Times, 18 Nov 04

17 Nov 04
Investors to be asked to submit resort plans
by Joyce Teo The Straits Times, 17 Nov 04
$2b fund to make Singapore top tourist destination: It will be used for best infrastructure, but not for proposed casino resort; Casino here is not a matter of money versus values: excerpts of what Dr Vivian Balakrishnan told reporters.

The maturity test by Tor Ching Li
Today, 17 Nov 04

Economic gains from casino may be exaggerated, says expert at forum Channel NewsAsia, 17 Nov 04

16 Nov 04
Economists, gaming analysts to discuss S'pore's casino plan at IPS public forum Today, 16 Nov 04

Singapore a matured society and ready for a casino: Dr Vivian By Derek Cher
Channel NewsAsia, 16 Nov 04

11 Nov 04
Tourism experts back devt of integrated gaming resort By Wong Siew Ying/Joanne Lee ChannelNews Asia, 11 Nov 04

Panel backs idea of resort with casino Experts stress need to take bold steps to stay ahead in region By Glenys Sim The Straits Times, 11 Nov 04

9 Nov 04
An Update on Singapore's Plans to Open a Casino Interview with Jonathan Galaviz (JG) who tracks the global gaming market. Radio Singapore International, 9 Nov 04

5 Nov 04
Beware of mixing religion and politics By Chua Mui Hoong The Straits Times, 5 Nov 04

25 Oct 04
Economy on track, casino still under consideration Today, 25 Oct 04

24 Oct 04
Government not dismissing casino idea: Trade and Industry Minister By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia, 25 Oct 04

28 Jul 04
SM will stay as adviser in new Cabinet
"As an example, he said he had been 'dead set against' the plan to build Singapore's first casino but would not stand in the way of the project" The Straits Times, 28Jul 04

29 Jun 04
S'pore must strengthen OECD links: BG Yeo
By Chuang Peck Ming
The Business Times, 29 Jun 04
'"We must remake Singapore in many areas from the shortening of National Service and the establishment of a private university to the idea of allowing a casino here."
Full text of speech on the SPRINTER website

24 Jun 04
Harrah's to meet S'pore officials on casino
The Business Times, 24 Jun 04

18 Jun 04
Singaporeans invited to air views on casino plan as debate heats up Associated Press, 18 Jun 04

1 Jun 04
S'pore delegation studies casino operations in Vegas by Vince Chong The Business Times, 1 Jun 04

22 May 04
$10 billion plan to make Sentosa a 'must visit' place by Daniel Buenas The Business Times, 22 May 04

14 May 04

Casino projected to plug $1.7b leak overseas
by Glenys Sim The Business Times, 14 May 04

13 May 04

Lasseters wins MAS go-ahead for share offer
by Kenneth Lim The Business Times, 13 May 04

21 Apr 04

Small charities won't be hurt by Pools-Tote merger
By Lydia Lim The Straits Times, 21 Apr 04

Challenging contact with a junior minister
by Laurel Teo
Dr Balakrishnan inspires and enthralls students with his responses and personal anecdotes on
i Contact TV show The Straits Times, 21 Apr 04

Casino likely to be run by private firm, says Hng Kiang by Chuang Peck Ming
Totalisator Board has no intention to expand operations
The Business Times, 21 Apr 04

20 Apr 04

Casino decision in 6 to 9 months by Laurel Teo
Govt to choose if ban should go after careful study
The Straits Times, 20 Apr 04

Casino decision in 9 months
by Tor Ching Li
Dr Balakrishnan allays worries of MPs over potential negative impacts Today, 20 Apr 04

Decision on casino may be made in next 6 to 9 months Reports of govt talks with casino operators not true: Balakrishnan
by Chuang Peck Ming
The Business Times, 20 Apr 04

19 Apr 04

Decision on Singapore casino in 6-9 months
by Hwee Goh Channel NewsAsia , 19 Apr 04

16 Apr 04

Forget Disneyland, try Holland Village instead
by Serene Goh
STB's Pamelia Lee does not comment on casino project The Straits Times, 16 Apr 04

Insider's view of Singapore tourism: Pamelia Lee
by Uma Shankari The Business Times, 16 Apr 04

31 Mar 04
Road to link Sentosa to St. John's Island?
by Teh Jen Lee, The New Paper, 31 Mar 04
Plans for the Southern Islands
Visibility problems

A Singapore casino may create 1,000 jobs
By Tang Weng Fai The Business Times, 31 Mar 04

23 Mar 04
Why no 'free for all' casino: BG Yeo on proposed casino at Sentosa by Rebecca Lee
S'pore wants a slice of high-end tourism pie, but not the crime, sleaze - and social ills - linked to gambling, says minister. The Straits Times, 23 Mar 04

22 Mar 04

Members-only casino?
By Tay Tsen-Waye
Restrictions do not mean S'poreans are 2nd class citizens. Today, 22 Mar 04

21 Mar 04
Government not out to promote gambling with casino
by Hwee Goh Channel NewsAsia, 21 Mar 04

20 Mar 04
How to position Singapore's casino by Ronald Tan
A casino is good for business, but care needs to be taken over location, size, structure and operational details. The Business Times, 20 Mar 04

17 Mar 04
Only the wealthy will be welcome at Singapore casino
AP, 17 Mar 04

15 Mar 04

Controls for casino by Lee Ching Wern
Measures will be put in place, say ministers
Today, 15 Mar 04

14 Mar 04

Not everyone will get to gamble Singapore's proposed casino
by Joanne Leow
Channel NewsAsia, 14 Mar 04

13 Mar 04

Top-draw resort for southern isles
by Audrey Tan
Sentosa and other enlarged islands will be linked up in ambitious plan to attract rich and famous. Casino idea under study. The Straits Times, 13 Mar 04

Cheers for Sentosa's Playground for the Rich
by Tee Hun Ching
The Straits Times, 13 Mar 04

Singapore may allow a casino to open after all
by Chuang Peck Ming
Govt mulls over option as part of major resort, residential project. The Business Times, 13 Mar 04

Why the casino rethink by Tracy Quek
Industry players say huge revenue generated is too good to pass up. The Straits Times, 13 Mar 04

Place your bets on a casino by Ching Wern
Today, 13 Mar 04

Singapore eyes casino-resort complex
Channel NewsAsia, 13 Mar 04 quoting AFP

12 Mar 04
Plan for casino among resort, residential project on Sentosa, Southern Islands
by Dawn Teo
Channel NewsAsia, 12 Mar 04
These two place were mentioned as examples of what the Southern Island development would be based on:

Atlantis, Paradise Island

Atlantis has been described as "the largest man-made marine habitat in the world" featuring "a living, million-gallon saltwater habitat (the world's largest outdoor, open water aquarium, complete with an underwater walk through a shark lagoon, giant sea turtles and thousands of tropical fish)"

Palm Island, Dubai
Touted as the 8th wonder in the world, this entirely man-made resort is being built through massive reclamation and construction: "Rocks weighing 7 million metric tons are being brought in from 16 different quarries throughout the UAE. If all the materials used to build it were placed end to end, a wall 2m high and half a metre thick could circle the world three times."
Other development plans for the Southern Islands
see also Jen Lee's article in the New Paper

Singapore's Capri
St John's, Lazarus and Renget islands to be reclaimed and developed after Italy's Capri. It was assured that 80% of the southern islands "will remain in its natural state". An S$280 million project targetted for completion in 2007.
An article with more details
Maris Stella School webpage on the project

URA plans
Southern Islands Planning Report 1996 with a summary of the plans for the statutory exhibition: "More than 70 per cent of Sentosa's greenery will be kept. Most of the natural environment in St John's Island, Kusu Island and the Sister's Island will also remain unspoilt."

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