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31 Jan 05
Sea warriors with a passion to preserve
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 31 Jan 05

26 Jan 05
Volunteers patrol park to stop illegal coral collectors
by Joyce Teo The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

22 Nov 04
Marine Conservation in Singapore
on Ecowatch by Yvonne Gomez
Radio Singapore International, 22 Nov 04

1 Nov 04
Finding Nemo at Kusu Island on the NTUC online website: an article of the Blue Water Volunteers free guided reef walks.

18 Sep 04
Youth to clean up Chek Jawa Today, 18 Sep 04

15 Jul 04
24 people, 4 schools create blogs in lead-up to National Day By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia , 15 Jul 04


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