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Photo index of jellyfishes on Singapore shores

Order Scyphozoa      

Jellyfish with
ribbon-like arms
Chrysaora sp.

Huge jellyfishes
Order Rhizostomeae

Jellyfish with
fat arms
Catostylus sp.

Mangrove jellyfish
Acromitus sp.

Upside down jellyfish
Cassiopea sp.
Bell 8-12cm across, ribbon-like tentacles 20-50cm long. Sometimes seen on our shores. Stings painfully. Bell about 25-50cm across, short tentacles. Sometimes seen washed ashore or trapped in pools on our Northern shores.
Bell 6-10cm across, short thick fat tentacles. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores.
Bell 6-8cm across, short thick fat tentacles with thin 'tails'. Sometimes seen in mangrove streams and lagoons in our Northern shores.
Bell about 4-12cm, tentacles length about half the bell diameter. Usually seen upside down. Can be seasonally common on Pulau Semakau and shores near the island.
Order Hydrozoa      

Jellyfish with
thread-like tentacles
Aequorea sp.
Bell about 10cm across, thin thread-like tentacles about 25cm long. Sometimes seen on some of our shores.        

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