Singapore shores
Websites about Singapore biodiversity
  Coral Reefs of Singapore by the Marine Biology Lab, NUS. A comprehensive site with lots of photos and maps, tons of info on all our southern islands, and all about reef conservation efforts in Singapore.

Nature in Singapore on the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research website: an online journal of the flora and fauna of Singapore including our marine life.

National Biodiversity Centre of the National Parks Board: checklists and more.

On-line versions of printed guidebooks
  Seashore Life of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng. Includes fact sheets on the flora and fauna of Singapore seashores, an introduction to the shore environment in general, Singapore shores to visit, preparing for a visit, dangerous animals, introduction to special communities on the shore, the strand line, symbiosis Intro and Man and the Sea.

Mangroves of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Peter K L Ng and N. Sivasothi (eds.). Includes fact sheets on the flora and fauna of Singapore mangroves, an introduction to mangroves in general and mangroves in Singapore, history and biodiversity, mangroves in Singapore to visit (Pasir Ris and Sungei Buloh), mangrove conservation in Singapore, general introduction to the mangrove ecosystem (abiotic and biotic components), economic value of mangroves.

Marine Fishes of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low. Includes fact sheets on common marine fishes of Singapore, an introduction to coastal marine habitats, fishy trivia, dangerous fishes, fishes and man.

On-line guides to specific flora and fauna groups in Singapore
  A Guide to Singapore Nudibranchs by Uma Sachidhanandam: though without any description of the nudibranchs, there are lots of photos and locations where the species are found and a list of Singapore nudibranchs.

A Guide to Singapore Polychaetes by Lim Yun Ping 1997-2000 on the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research website: fact sheets and photos of polychaetes found in Singapore.

Singapore Snakes blog fact sheets, checklists, about snaky adventures, our snakes in danger, snaky games, cartoons and more!

Bird Ecology Study Group blog observations about bird behaviour and other bird happenings and issues.

Other sites
  AlgaeBase detailed and technical factsheets on every algae you can think of. Many with photos.

shore creatures in general
  Life on Australian Seashores by Keith Davey on the Marine Education Society of Australia website: Fact sheets with photos, diagrams, and even animated gifs with details on various species found in Australia.

  Hexacorallians of the World website by Dr Daphne Fautin: all about sea anemones, corals and their allies with classification, distribution, biological associations and more.

Fautin, Daphne G. and Gerald R. Allen, 1992. Field guide to anemone fishes and their host sea anemones. Western Australian Museum.

The Scyphozoan website by Dr Michael N Dawson: lots of info about jellyfishes in Class Scyphozoa.


  Marine Crustaceans of Southern Australia page on the Museum Victoria website: photos and brief fact sheets on a small selection of crabs, shrimps, barnacles and their relatives.

  Man and Mollusc/Mollusk: The Resource Site for Students, Educators, and anyone wanting to learn about molluscs. Includes an introduction to the major classes, molluscs as food, medicine, other uses, religious significance, kid's zone, teacher's zone. Includes a detailed introduction to the Phylum Mollusca with a glossary and links to major groups of molluscs.

The Gladys Archerd Shell Collection at Washington State University Tri-Cities Natural History Museum website: introductions to major features of molluscs with lots of photos of shells and diagrams and details on the individual classes and species.

The Seashells of New South Wales by Des Beechey Research Associate, Australian Museum: family introductions with photos of shells and detailed fact sheets for many species.

The Sea Slug Forum by Dr Bill Rudman: everything you could possibly want to know about slugs with fabulous photos and close-ups of slug body parts, larvae and more. And lots of links. Go to the General Topics section and browse the many interesting articles.

The Slug Site with a free newsletter and BOW (Branch of the Week), photo and fact sheets of all kinds of opisthobranchs.

The Cephalopod Page by Dr James B Wood on the Dalhousie University and the University of Texas Medical Branch website: everything you could possibly want to know about cephalopods. Lots of info, photos, articles and links to cephalopods. Lots of fabulous photos, a delightful and exhaustive FAQ, and lots of cool articles for the laymen, as well as lesson plans.

Cephbase by Dr James B Wood: a database-driven website on all living cephalopods with species search, image and video database, reference database and researcher directory

Cephalopodcast Blog by Jason Robertshaw: all about cephalopods.

  The Echinoid Directory by Dr. Andrew B. Smith on the London Natural History Museum website: everything you could possibly want to know about sand dollars, sea urchins and heart urchins with detailed fact sheets for many species and slots of large close-up images and explanatory diagrams.

The Echinoblog by ChrisM: all about echinoderms with many interesting scientific details and wacky stories, video clips and more.

Wold Asteroidea Database by Christopher Mah: taxonomic database.

  FishBase technical fact sheets on almost all families and individual species with photos and details on environment, climate, economic importance, resilience, distribution, biology, red list status, whether dangerous.

Australian Museum Fish Site with find-a-fish section which links to factsheets with photos

Fishes of Libong Island (West Coast of Southern Thailand) by Keiichi Matsuura and Seishi Kimura (eds.); Fishes of Bitung (Northern Tip of Sulawesi Indonesia) by Seishi Kimura and Keiichi Matsuura (eds.); Coastal Fishes of Indonesia: Field Guide to Lombok Island by Keiichi Matsuura, Seishi Kimura and Teguh Peristiwady on the National Science Museum, Tokyo website: factsheets with photos and descriptions with details on similar families found in the area.

  The Dutch Ascidians Homepage by Arjan Gittenberger: general introduction and photos of a wide range of ascidians.

  Nemertes: Portal to the Nemetean Universe on the The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History website: all about ribbon worms.

Other sites with general info
Tree of Life web project hosted by The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and The University of Arizona Library: introduction, characteristics, phylogeny, evolution, links.

Phylogeny Wing on the Museum of Paleontology, University of California Berkeley website: fossil record, life history and ecology, systematics and more on morphology.

Animal Diversity Web on the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology website: information, pictures, specimens and classification.

Canada's Aquatic Environments webpage on the University of Guelph website: an easy introduction to the more technical aspects of marine plants, animals, habitats, human interactions. Includes lots of details on the major phyla and classes including morphology, biodiversity, ecology and habitat.

Biomedia by the
Glasgow University Zoological Museum on the Biological Sciences, University of Paisley, Scotland website: a brief introduction, a glossary of terms and diagrams and photos.
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