Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Subclass Alcyonaria/Octocorallia > Order Gorgonacea
Gnarled sea fan
Echinomuricea pulchra*
Family Plexauridae
updated Dec 2019

Where seen? This rather bumpy and knobbly sea fan is often seen on Beting Bronok and Changi. On coral rubble.

Features: 10-15cm long. Colony comprises a few stems branching on one plane. The branches emerge at right angles then curve upwards. Stems are cylindrical with rounded tips. Colours seen include red, maroon, pink and orange. The polyps are rather large, and pinkish or orange with white centres. When the colony is out of water and the polyps are retracted, the stems look bumpy and gnarled. With the polyps extended, the colony looks rather fluffy.

Animals seen on the sea fan include Winged oysters and squid egg capsules.

Beting Bronok, Jul 08

Stems look gnarled with polyps retracted.

Closer look at the stem with polyps retracted.

Beting Bronok, Aug 05

Changi, Sep 10

Beting Bronok, Jul 03

Squid egg capsules attached to the sea fan.
Beting Bronok, Jun 03

Winged oyster on the sea fan.
Changi, Jul 12

*Species are difficult to positively identify without close examination.
On this website, they are grouped by external features for convenience of display

Gnarled sea fans on Singapore shores
On wildsingapore flickr



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