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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Hydrozoa
Delicate hydroid
awaiting identification*
updated Mar 13

Where seen? Colonies of these tiny animals are often encountered on our Southern shores, but often overlooked. In coral rubble areas.

Features: Clusters of many tiny fans, that can cover an area of about 5-10cm. Each tiny fan about 0.5cm in diameter. A long thin body column topped by a tiny ring of delicate tentacles. Often only the feathery fan is seen above the surface. Pale brown.

Sometimes mistaken for a fan worm. Here's more on how to tell apart feathery animals.

Chek Jawa, Aug 05

Chek Jawa, Jul 05

Sentosa, Jul 05

St. John's Island, May 06

*Species are difficult to positively identify without closer examination.
On this website, the animals are grouped by external features for convenience of display.

Delicate hydroids on Singapore shores

Photos of Delicate hydroids for free download from wildsingapore flickr

Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map

Terumbu Pempang Darat, Jun 10

Beting Bemban Besar, Jun 09

Pulau Biola, Dec 09

Pulau Salu, Aug 10
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