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Phylum Arthropoda > Subphylum Crustacea > Class Malacostraca > Order Decapoda
Photo index of porcelain crabs on Singapore shores
Porcelain crabs: tiny flat crabs with three pairs of walking legs

size indicated is for body width

Big porcelain crab
awaiting identification

porcelain crab

Porcellanella triloba

Hermit crab
porcelain crab

awaiting identification

porcelain crabs

awaiting identification

Tiny brown
porcelain crab

awaiting identification
About 1cm. Body reddish. Under stones. Commonly seen on some of our shores. About 1cm. Body oval, white with black-ringed pink spots. In sea pens. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. Less than 1cm. Often seen in pairs in large shells occupied by a living hermit crab. Less than 1cm. Hairy body and pincers. Seaweeds, sponges, coral rubble. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. Less than 1cm. Large numbers under a stone. Commonly seen on many of our shores.

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body width <2 cm

small with long eyestalks

small porcelain crabs
3 pairs walking legs

body width 3-5cm

body width >5cm

swimming crabs
last pair of legs paddle-shaped

hermit crabs
live in shells
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