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Phylum Arthropoda > Subphylum Crustacea > Class Malacostraca > Order Decapoda > Anomurans > hermit crabs
Very hairy hermit crab
Dardanus lagopodes*
Family Diogenidae
updated Jan 2020
Where seen? This very hairy and large hermit crab is sometimes seen, on reefs and rubble of our Southern shores.

Features: Body 4-8cm long, among the largest of our hermit crabs. Body not hairy, paler on top, sides colourful with pale dots. The left pincer is slightly larger than the right pincer, both rather slender. Walking legs and pincers very hairy, colours purplish, maroon, white. The walking legs have 1-2 broad dark or purple bands that are hairless. Large dark eyes without white spots, ringed with yellow on stout pale eyestalks. Short antennae yellow, feathery tips orange and blue. Long antennae pale yellowish.

Labrador, Mar 06

*Species are difficult to positively identify without close examination.
On this website, they are grouped by external features for convenience of display.

Very hairy hermit crabs on Singapore shores
On wildsingapore flickr

Other sightings on Singapore shores

Sentosa, Jul 08

Photo shared by Lok Kok Sheng on his blog.

Sentosa Serapong, May 17

Photo shared by Jianlin Liu on facebook.

Lazarus Island, Feb 11
Photo shared by James Koh on his blog

Lazarus Island, Nov 19
Photo shared by Kelvin Yong on facebook.

Pulau Tekukor, Jan 10

Photo shared by James Koh on his flickr.

St. John's Island, Oct 11
Photo shared by Rene Ong on facebook.

St. John's Island, Nov 15
Photo shared by Marcus Ng on facebook.

Sisters Island, Sep 10

Photo shared by Loh Koh Seng on his flickr.

Small Sisters Island, May 18

Photo shared by Dayna Cheah on facebook.

Terumbu Selegie, Jan 17
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on his blog.

Pulau Jong, Apr 11
Photo shared by Russel Low on facebook.

Pulau Jong, Aug 17
Photo shared by Lim Yaohui on facebook.

Pulau Semakau (North), Apr 16
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on facebook.

Pulau Semakau (South), Jan 20
Photo shared by Jianlin Liu on facebook.

Terumbu Pempang Laut, May 19
Photo shared by Jianlin Liu on facebook.

Pulau Senang, Jun 10
Photo shared by Marcus Ng on flickr.

hermit crab 1 @ terumbu raya 09Feb2009 from SgBeachBum on Vimeo.

With grateful thanks to liwaliw for identifying this hermit crab on wildsingapore flickr.


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