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Phylum Echinodermata > Class Stelleroida > Subclass Asteroidea
Luidia sea stars
Luidia sp.
Family Luidiidae
updated Mar 2020
Where seen? These sea stars are sometimes encountered on our Northern shores. In sandy or silty shores. Sometimes, many are seen gathered together.

The arms are long, slightly rounded, and tapered to a pointed tip, edged with tiny spines along the sides. The upper surface of the body is covered with special flat-topped, pillar-like structures called paxillae. The underside is pale, and from grooves along the arms emerge large tube feet with pointed tips. They can move across the surface quite fast when submerged.

Losing it: These sea stars tend to drop off their arms if they are stressed. So don't pick them up by their arms!

What do they eat? These sea stars are carnivores! They hunt small creatures that are buried in the sand. These sea stars don't push their stomachs out of their mouths. Instead, they swallow their prey whole.

Long, narrow arms.
Changi, Aug 08.

In spawning position?
East Coast, Dec 08

Sometimes, many are seen together.
Changi, Jun 2019

Some Luidia sea stars on Singapore shores

Five-armed Luidia sea star
5-8cm in diameter
Usually 5 arms.

Pointed tube feet: transparent.

Flat-topped, pillar-like structures called paxillae.

Six-armed Luidia sea star
8-10cm in diameter
5-6 arms, usually 6.

Pointed tube feet: yellow or orange.

Flat-topped, pillar-like structures called paxillae.


Eight-armed Luidia sea star
12-20cm in diameter
6-9 arms, usually 8.

Pointed tube feet: transparent.

Flat-topped, pillar-like structures called paxillae.

Luidia species recorded for Singapore
from Wee Y.C. and Peter K. L. Ng. 1994. A First Look at Biodiversity in Singapore.
*from Lane, David J.W. and Didier Vandenspiegel. 2003. A Guide to Sea Stars and Other Echinderms of Singapore, and Didier VandenSpiegel et al. 1998. The Asteroid fauna (Echinodermata) of Singapore with a distribuion table and illustrated identification to the species.
in red are those listed among the threatened animals of Singapore from Ng, P. K. L. & Y. C. Wee, 1994. The Singapore Red Data Book: Threatened Plants and Animals of Singapore
**from WORMS

  Family Luidiidae
  *Luidia hardwicki (Five-armed Luidia sea star)
*Luidia longispina

Luidia maculata (Eight-armed Luidia sea star) (VU: Vulnerable)
Luidia penangensis (Six-armed Luidia sea star) (VU: Vulnerable)
Luidia prionota

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