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Phylum Echinodermata > Class Stellaroida > Subclass Ophiuroidea
Upsidedown brittle star
Ophiothrix sp.
Family Ophiotrichidae
updated Apr 2020

Where seen? This sea star with an odd preference to be upside down is sometimes seen among seaweeds and seagrasses on our Northern shores. Especially active at night. Usually seen alone.

Features: Disk diameter less than 1cm, arms about 5cm long. Disk thick, petal-shaped. Arms long with blunt cylindrical spines arranged all around the arms like bristles of a bottle brush. Often seen upside down and if turned the right side up will turn upside down again. This may be an adaptation to feeding on substances on the water surface?


Pulau Sekudu, Jun 05


Upsidedown brittle stars on Singapore shores
On wildsingapore flickr

Other sightings on Singapore shores

Punggol, Nov 20
Photo shared by Vincent Choo on facebook.

Pasir Ris Park, Sep 20
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on facebook.

Coney Island, Nov 15
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

  • Lane, David J.W. and Didier Vandenspiegel. 2003. A Guide to Sea Stars and Other Echinoderms of Singapore. Singapore Science Centre. 187pp.
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