coastal plants
Limau hantu
Suregada multiflora

updated Dec 09
Where seen? Several of these shrubs are planted at Changi near the Changi Jetty. According to Hsuan Keng it was found near the sea at Changi and on Pulau Ubin. According to Corners, it was common on all sandy and rocky coasts of Malaya and was rarely found inland. It was previously known as Gelonium glomerulatum and Corners called it S. glomerulata.

Features: A small tree. Fleshy leaves narrow and oval (5-7cm). Flowers small in clusters, male flowers a little larger than the female flowers.
Fruits resemble small limes (1-2cm), with three 'shoulders', green turning bright orange and splitting revealing the thin white pulp surrounding blackish brown seeds.

Status and threats: This tree is listed as 'Critically Endangered' in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore.

Changi, Sep 09

Changi, Oct 09

Changi, Oct 09

Changi, Sep 09

Changi, Oct 09

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