Photo index of fruit trees of Singapore

Star-fruit tree
Averrhoa carambola

Jambu bol
Syzygium malaccanse

Chocolate tree
Theobroma caco

Durio zibethinus
Shrub or small tree (3m). Compound leaf 5-7 pairs, small (5-10cm long) leaftlets. Flowers small, bell-shaped, pink or red. Fruit resembles a small cucumber (4-6cm). Commonly planted near villages and in gardens. Tall tree (6-10m). Leaves are large, arranged opposite. Flowers large (6cm) fluffy, bright pink, in clusters. Fruits large (5-7.5cm), oblong to pear-shaped. Commonly planted near villages. Tall 'bushy' tree (4-8m). Leaves large. Flowers tiny on trunk and thicker branches. Large fruit pods (1030 cm) pale green turning orange containing 20-60 seeds in a slimy pulp. Commonly planted near villages. Tall tree. Leaves narrow and pointed, silvery or coppery underside. Flowers pom-pom shaped. Fruit is large, covered with pointy thorns. Commonly planted near villages.  

Nangka tree
Atrocarpus heterophyllus

Papaya tree
Carica papaya

Coffee bush
Coffea sp.

Chiku tree
Manilkara zapota

Guava tree
Psidium guajava
Tall tree (10-20m). Oval leaves. Flowers small. Fruits huge (30cm-1m). Commonly planted near villages and in gardens. A tree with a single soft woody stem. The leaf is hand-shaped (50-60cm) on very long stalks. Flowers white, males in bunches on long stalks, female on the stem. Commonly planted in villages and gardens. Tall bush (5m). Leaves large. Flowers small, white. Oval berries green ripening red or purple. Seen at Pulau Ubin's Sensory Trail. Small tree (10m). Leaves oval (6-15cm). Flowers small white. Fruit oval (6-7cm). Commonly planted in gardens and villages. Tree with sparse, drooping branches (6m). Bark very smooth, coppery orange-brown mottled greenish or pale yellowish, peeling off in thin flakes. Flowers white, fruits pear-shaped rippening yellow. Commonly plants in gardens and villages.
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