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Ficus benjamina

Collared fig
Ficus crassimea

India-rubber tree
Ficus crassimea

Ficus microcarpa

Common red stem-fig
Ficus variegata
Large strangling fig. Seldom has aerial roots. Leaves (2-7cm) with sharp, long pointed tip, on thin, 'weeping' branches. Figs round (1cm) in pairs. Commonly seen even in urban areas, also on rocky coasts, but not in forests. Strangling fig that can grow large. Leaves (15-20cm long). Figs (1.5-1.8cm wide) many. Rare. Large strangling fig with many aerial roots. Leaves (7.5-25cm) , stipules large and bright red. Figs oval (1cm long) and ripen yellow. Common. Strangling fig that can grow into enormous trees. With a curtain of slender aerial roots. Leaves (5-7cm), without pointed tips. Figs round (about 1cm). Common. Not a strangler, can grow tall. Leaves heart-shaped with pointed tips (10-25cm). Figs in dense clusters on the trunk and main branches. Common.

Rubber tree
Hevea brasiliensis


Fragraea racemosa
Tall tree (to 20m). Compound leaf thin, made up of three leaflets. Flowers tiny white in a spray. Fruit capsule of three lobes, each with one large seed. Commonly seen in many areas. Shrub to small tree (2-3m). Leaves are large (15-30cm), fleshy, leathery, dark green, glossy. Flowers white crowded on a spike under the leaves. Fruits oval with a pointed tip. Commonly seen on the forest path to Chek Jawa.
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