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Beaded cushion green seaweed
Family Valoniaceae
updated Jan 13

Where seen? This cushion of little green beads is sometimes seen on our Southern shores growing on hard surfaces near reefs.

Features: The entire cushion about 2-5cm wide made up of tiny, tightly packed beads. Each translucent bead is a sphere or tear-drop shaped. The beads are actually interconnected. The entire cushion encrusts hard surfaces. Dark to light green or olive green.

Sometimes mistaken for Bubble green seaweed (Boergesenia forbesii) which has much larger and more loosely arranged translucent bubble-like shapes. Here's more on how to tell apart some green seaweeds.

According to AlgaeBase, there are more than 10 current Valonia species.

Human uses: Some species are eaten by people.

Sentosa, Jun 07

Kusu Island, Sep 10

Labrador, Aug 04

Beaded cushion green seaweeds on Singapore shores
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*Species are difficult to positively identify without close examination of internal parts.
On this website, they are grouped by external features for convenience of display.

Valonia species recorded for Singapore
Pham, M. N., H. T. W. Tan, S. Mitrovic & H. H. T. Yeo, 2011. A Checklist of the Algae of Singapore.

  Valonia aegagropila
Valonia fastigiata
Valonia ventricosa

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