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Phylum Chordata > Subphylum Vertebrata > fishes > Family Scorpaenidae
False stonefish
Scorpaenopsis diabolus
Family Scorpaenidae
updated Dec 13
Where seen? This rock-like fish is seldom seen, usually our southern shores on coral rubble areas near reefs or rocky shores.

Features: 15-30cm long with a humped back. Small eyes that don't stick out of the head, with small shallow depression near the eyes, not as large and deep as the true Hollow-cheeked stonefish (Synanceia horrida). Wide horizontal mouth on a large rather flattened head. Large pectoral fins sometimes colourful. Spiky dorsal fin which carries venomous stings but it is not as dangerous as the real stonefish.

Sometimes mistaken for a stonefish (Family Synanceiidae) or the False scorpionfish (Centrogenys vaigiensis), a grouper, which looks very similar. Here's more on how to tell apart fishes that look like stones.

Lazarus Island, Aug 12

Lazarus Island, Aug 12

False stonefishes on Singapore shores

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