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Phylum Chordata > Subphylum Vertebrata > fishes > Order Pleuronectiformes > Family Soleidae
Zebra sole
Zebrias zebra
Family Soleidae
updated Oct 2020

Where seen? This wacky striped flatfish is sometimes seen on sandy areas near seagrasses.

Features: Those seen 6-10cm, can grow to abot 20cm. Eyes on the right side. Tail fin joined to dorsal and anal fins. Body oval, it has a tiny pectoral fin on the eyed-side. The eyed-side has 10-12 pairs of dark-and-white stripes that extend across to the fins. The tail has bright yellow and black markings. It crawls slowly on the bottom by undulating its dorsal and anal fins, its body covered in sand, but its colouful tail held vertically. Perhaps the tail acts as a lure? Zebrias quagga looks similar.

Changi, Aug 17

Changi, Jun 10
Colourful tail!

Eyes on the right side.
Tiny spines sticking out near the gill covers.
What does it eat? It hunts small animals living on the bottom of the sea, especially small crustaceans.

Human uses: It is marketed fresh, frozen and dried-salted.
Zebra sole (Zebrias zebra)

Zebra soles on Singapore shores
On wildsingapore flickr



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