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Green crested lizard
Bronchocela cristatella

Changeable lizard
Calotes versicolor

Common sun skink
Eutropis multifasciata
To 57cm. Slender, generally green with dark eye ring and ear patch. Sometimes seen in bushes and trees in many of our wild places. To 37cm. Stout, generally brownish to greenish yellow, males in courtship can have a bright red head and front body. Commonly seen in bushes and trees in many of our wild places. To 35cm. Somewhat angular body, with shiny, smooth scales. Generally bronzey brown with various patterns. Common seen on the ground in many of our wild places.    

Malayan water monitor
Varanus salvator

Estuarine crocodile
Crocodylus porosus

Sea turtle
Family Cheloniidae
2.5-3m. Nostrils close to the snout tip. Small non-overlapping scales on a thick leathery skin. Tail relatively slender to a thin tip. Commonly seen on many of our shores, offshore islands and wild freshwater habitats. Up to 8m.. Large triangular head with broad long snout, bulbous eyes at the top of the head. Sometimes seen in our mangroves and freshwater habitats.   90cm-1m or more. Limbs flattened and oar-like. Sometimes seen in our coastal waters.  

in red are those listed among the threatened animals of Singapore from Davison, G.W. H. and P. K. L. Ng and Ho Hua Chew, 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book: Threatened plants and animals of Singapore.
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