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Is wildsingapore an organisation?
No. wildsingapore.com is just a series of web resources that I, Ria, run and fund alone as a volunteer. It is not an organisation, it is not a group. I do not have volunteers.

Does wildsingapore provide guided walks?
I do not provide guiding services via wildsingapore.com. Please see the factsheets on our wild places for guided walks, and the many nature events listed on wildsingapore happenings. Here's a list of some professional guides if you would like to organise a tour tailored to your needs.

What is wildsingapore.com about?
My hope is that wildsingapore.com can provide useful information for those who want to learn about our wild places; and do more for them.

I first started wildsingapore.com as a companion website to the Chek Jawa guidebook. To contain all the wonderful photos and information that I just couldn't squeeze into the guidebook. Since then, it has grown to contain lots more of the wild places, wild activities and wild people that I have come across.

What is wildsingapore.com's theme?
One person CAN make a difference!

I didn't reply to your email?

The hello@wildsingapore.com email address gets a lot of spam. I use an aggressive filter so that I don't spend my entire life going through spam.

To make sure your email gets to me, please put "wildsingapore attention ria tan" in the subject line. Emails will be treated as spam if you use "Hi" or "Hello" or leave the subject line blank.

I usually reply to all legitimate emails within 24 hours. If you don't hear from me by then, either I'm dead or your email got trashed with the spam. Pls send again with a proper title in the subject line.

If your email is about any of common matters I've listed below, please read through the issues I've outlined before you email me. It will save you and me a lot of wasted time. Thanks!

How to feature your blog/nature activity on the wild happenings blog?
Wild events are now hosted on the wildsingapore happenings blog.
Here's more details on how to post your event on this blog.

Using wildsingapore photos

More here.

Requests for interviews/information for student projects
Please fill in this form for requests for interviews or information for student projects.

Requests for public talks
I do give public talks and enjoy reaching out to as many people as possible. Please include the following in your request
(a) your organisation and details about its mission
(b) theme of the talk or event
(c) target audience: number of people, age, general background
(d) other speakers at your event
Here are some of the constraints I face. Please try to bear them in mind in your request
(a) I am committed to low tide documentation from March-October and can only give talks from November-February.
(b) Preparing for a talk takes up a fair bit of my resources and it is more worthwhile for me to make this investment for talks to a large audience of at least 50 persons.
When you email me at hello@wildsingapore.com please put "wildsingapore attention ria tan" in the subject line, I get a lot of spam in at this address.

What are the key features of wildsingapore.com?

Nature activities in Singapore
as I know it, now updated to a blog and consolidated on the wildsingapore homepage. Many are free and conducted by enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers. Walks, talks and other happenings.

Latest news articles about our wild places and beyond: new nature books and other publications, updates on nature-oriented websites/blogs, the latest volunteer opportunities. Now updated to a blog and consolidated on the wildsingapore homepage.

Latest blog entries about our wild places. These are consolidated in the daily best of our wild blogs on wildsingapore news.

Factsheets on our major wild places: what to see and do, how to get there, tips on preparing for an enjoyable visit.

Gallery of our shores: I realised we nearly lost Chek Jawa simply because we didn't know it was there. Since then, I've made it my personal mission to visit and document as many of our shores as I can during the brief periods of super low tides. Sightings and stories of these trips are shared on the wild shores of singapore blog, consolidated in the wild facts sheets and photos are shared on the wildsingapore flickr account

About making a difference for nature in Singapore: Can ONE person make a difference for nature? YES! What can I do? What's in it for me? Where can I volunteer? What can I contribute?

The National Day moblog was an opportunity to showcase some of the many wonderful wild people who work so hard for our wild places.

There are also features of the many wild projects that I have gotten involved in.

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