You CAN make a difference

The photo above was taken on Chek Jawa on the Eve of the New Year 2002,
just after reclamation was deferred. Those in the photo include volunteers,
researchers and ordinary visitors just who happened to be there.

visit & learn
speak up & share
make a difference


So you found this page. I'm very encouraged.
It means you want to do more!

Join a community of people who are on a mission to help Singaporeans discover their natural heritage. And make informed decisions about our choices for the future.

You can make a difference! It's simple.

Just explore our wild places. bring a friend along for a trip or an event. Share what you discovered. Social media is a great way to raise awareness among your friends!

Volunteer any effort or time you can spare. Whatever you do, if you are dependable, you can make a huge difference!

Get wild today!



Still not convinced?
So what? why should I care?

Every effort counts
Start with me: my impact, my habits.
If I can't change myself,
how can I expect others to change?
Family outdoors

wildfilms at work

TeamSeagrass at work

traditional toy out of a rubber seed case


day moth
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