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  email from Ashley, 5 Apr 05
Animal Release Initiative 2005

To all Nature & Animal lovers,

For this year's Vesak Day, a group of us have planned to conduct a few talks on the practice of releasing animals and volunteering for NParks to educate the public on the impact of animal release into the wild.

The objective is to make the public aware of the consequences of releasing animals into our environment advocated for alternative ways to show compassion towards animals & the nature and the responsible ownership of pets.

Part one - Talks & Dialogue sessions We have produced a powerpoint presentation for this talk both in English & Chinese, and will be holding a series of slidetalks with various organisations mainly targeting the religion groups; vegetarian; animals welfare & nature organisations.

Part 2 - Volunteering & Helpers Needed Last year, a joint effort together with NParks staff & rangers and many nature/animal-lovers alike volunteered to be stationed at various popular animals releasing sites at the central catchement reserve.

This time we hope to collaborate with them again, hopefully to help out at more sites not covered last time to prevent non-native animals from invading into our fragile environment & destroying our native species as a result.

We hope to get your fullest support on this issue & hope nature/animals -lovers would like to come forward to help us by volunteering for this project.

You can email me ashleyng@singnet.com.sg for any clarifications; to check out our next slidetalk date or help by volunteering with us.

Btw, 10th April 2005 (Sunday) is our first talk held at Buddha of Medical Welfare Society (Address: 11, Lorong 25, Geylang, S(388293)) from 2.00 - 3.30pm.

Cya & Big thanks from all of us, Ashley Ng

PS: pls help to circulate this email to any person who care for the welfare of the animals, abandoned pets & our nature. Metta

email from Ashley, 5 Apr 05
Volunteers sorely needed for Animal Release Initiative 2005

Last year we had 30 volunteers helping the PUB / NParks staff and rangers at the nature reserve during Vesak Day holiday. However, this time we are really having difficulties finding the same pool of people or more helpers / volunteers to come forward.

This is also another opportunity for us to educate the public and to work together with Nparks / PUB rangers patrolling those popular sites where the public most likely to release animals during this period.

They will be conducting a briefing on 14th May 05 (Sat), 2.30pm at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve office for all volunteers & helpers. Hope to hear from you soon, please help us again.

Ashley Ng ashleyng@singnet.com.sg

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