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  The Straits Times, 13 Jul 05
Sufferring a net loss
by Radha Basu

They are ancient warriors of the natural world, older than human beings, insects and even dinosaurs. They have medical value. And they are dying indiscriminately on Singapore's shores.

A group of Nature Society volunteers found about 125 horseshoe crabs entangled in fishermen's nets at the Mandai mudflats on Sunday. However, chairman of the society's conservation committee Ho Hua Chew told The Straits Times that the society volunteers led by him rescued the 35 or so crabs that were still alive yesterday.

The Nature Society is now calling for tighter marine protection laws to prevent the indiscriminate use of fishing nets. Nets are not allowed in the Kallang and Singapore rivers and in Marina Bay - and the society wants the ban extended to the rest of Singapore's shorelines.

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