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  Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06
Releasing dolphins is good animal husbandry
Letter from Richard Gascoigne

Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06
Follow Thai government's lead - release dolphins at Sentosa back into the wild
Letter from Louis Ng
President and Executive Director
Animal Concerns Research and Education Society

I REFER to the article 'Pink dolphin saved from Thai resort' (ST, Feb 22).

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) congratulates the Thai government for its efforts in rescuing a wild-caught pink dolphin and releasing him back into the wild. Acres is heartened by the Thai government's decision to release the dolphin back into the wild. This undoubtedly shows the importance the government places on animal welfare.

We urge the Singapore authorities to follow the lead of the Thai government and rehabilitate and release Singapore's captive wild-caught pink dolphins back into the wild.

These dolphins are housed at the Dolphin Lagoon, a tourist attraction in Sentosa, where one of the dolphins has already died of a stress-related illness.

Scientific evidence clearly indicates that dolphins suffer greatly in captivity. Progressive countries such as the United Kingdom no longer have dolphins in captivity. There is also a growing movement within the marine park industry to discontinue keeping dolphins in captivity.

The Weymouth Sea Life Park and Marine Sanctuary in the United Kingdom states: 'Sea Life is committed to only displaying creatures which can flourish in our environment. Sea Life believes that whales, dolphins... should not be kept in captivity.'

We sincerely hope that Singapore's captive wild-caught dolphins can once again live in the vast, open oceans.

Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06
Releasing dolphins is good animal husbandry
Letter from Richard Gascoigne

I REFER to the article, 'Pink dolphin saved from Thai resort'(ST, Feb 22), regarding the Thai government's release of a pink dolphin that had been caught in the wild.

I applaud the action of the Thai government and call upon Dolphin Lagoon in Singapore to follow suit and release its dolphins which had been captured at sea.

This should be done as a matter of good animal husbandry, as dolphins do not fare well in captivity. I understand that one has died already.

If the Dolphin Lagoon persists in retaining these animals to take advantage of their commercial value, then the AVA should step in and enforce Singapore's rules regarding the importation and captivity of these intelligent and sensitive creatures.

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