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  Straits Times Forum Online 2 May 06
Govt should take lead to promote hybrid cars
Start with the police and taxis

Letter from Mohamad Noor Abdullah

The news article on hybrid cars on April 29 interests me.

With the rising prices of petrol, I would like to see our government encouraging consumers to choose hybrid cars over conventional cars.

Can the tax on hybrid cars be reduced to make it on par with conventional cars or even lower?

The government should support the protection of the environment and and promote energy-saving hybrid vehicles by making the first move. Start with the police petrol-driven cars.

I'm not suggesting that the existing vehicles be taken off the road. But the new vehicles for fleet replacement should be hybrid ones. 'Environment friendly' logos could be pasted on the doors of the cars to show the public that the police is leading by example. There are hundreds of police vehicles plying the roads, so petrol cost savings will be considerable.

Next, the Land Transport Authority should promote hybrid engine taxis. The hybrid vehicles have been in Singapore for some years now.

What is stopping the police and LTA from considering hybrid cars for their fleets? At least put some hybrid patrol cars and taxis on the road on trial. Hybrid taxis need not pay the diesel tax. This could mean more cost savings for taxi owners.

I hope to hear from the Singapore Police Force, LTA, National Environment Agency and other relevant authorities the things they can do to help improve Singapore's environment and at the same time have cost savings for consumers.

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