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  The Straits Times 25 May 06
Dead dolphin washed ashore

A badly decomposed carcass of a female pink dolphin was washed up on the rocky shore in Marina South on Sunday. The 1.8m-long creature was likely to have been killed by the propellers of a passing vessel, as it had deep gashes along its flanks.

Pink dolphins, also known as Indo-Pacific humpbacks, are found in Singapore waters though sightings are rare, said graduate student researcher Zeehan Jaafar (above), who was at the scene to identify the creature. She is with the National University of Singapore's Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.

This is the second dolphin carcass to be washed ashore since the one found in Labrador Park last June.

Divers in Singapore waters report around two to three sightings of pink dolphins every year.

These gentle, highly endangered sea mammals usually travel in small groups of three to eight, and are more shy than other species of dolphins.

The find came on the eve of International Biodiversity Day, which was marked by conservation groups worldwide on Monday.

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