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  Straits Times Forum 21 Oct 06
Don't neglect ordinary S'poreans when choosing design for Sentosa's resort
Letter from Christina Chan Li Kian (Mdm)

I have followed with great interest the publicity surrounding the recent bids for the integrated resorts on Sentosa.

As a Singaporean mother of two school-going children, I have found the greenery and open spaces of Sentosa a welcome respite away from mainland Singapore.

I had hoped that despite the size of the proposed development, the existing relaxed and green environment of Sentosa would be preserved.

I would like to commend the various bidders on their impressive schemes and grand plans for the island. However, I would like to share some of my concerns as a potential visitor with my family.

From the pictures in the newspapers, I gather that Kerzner's design for the integrated resort centres on a huge building. I fail to see how this design would enhance the relaxed, tropical resort experience that is supposed to be Sentosa's selling point.

I am also concerned about the attraction of such a mammoth scheme for my children. The building looks large as it promises to be overwhelming and it will dwarf its adult visitors, let alone young children.

I hope that the relevant authorities would consider the various proposals carefully and take into account the needs of the average visitor.

With limited land, the relaxed, green and open environment that characterises Sentosa is a valuable resource that we should manage carefully. Let us not squander it on something which may have initial novelty value but destroys the overall environment of Sentosa, or worse, become an eyesore.

Tourists come and go but it is Singaporeans who will have to live with the integrated resorts at their doorstep.

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