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  Today Online 30 Nov 06
More Tanjung Beach hotels?

Channel NewsAsia 30 Nov 06
Sentosa may seek proposal for new resort hotel with beach front
By Jeana Wong

Sentosa looks set to have a new resort hotel with a beach front.

According to Sentosa Leisure Group, this is one of the few projects available for the southern island. The group oversees the property investments, management and the strategic development of Sentosa Island.

And it says that development on Sentosa is reaching an optimal stage.

There will be another hotel along Sentosa's Tanjong Beach.

Sentosa Leisure Group says it has yet to start soliciting proposals but it expects to be selective. Excluding the Sentosa Cove projects, it notes that there are a few lots left on the island for development.

Gurjit Singh, Property Director, Sentosa Leisure Group, said: "One of the sites that we have left is a hotel site. So certainly we will be quite careful as to who develops it and what form this particular development will take place, especially when it's at the beach. We certainly want it to be a very interesting and a good add-on to Sentosa. The little products that come as part and parcel of Sentosa should be resort-orientated."

There are now 4 hotels with nearly 1000 rooms on Sentosa. They are Rasa Sentosa, Sijori, Sentosa Resort and Spa, and the newly-opened Siloso Beach Resort. And another three - Capella Singapore, Amara Sanctuary and Western at Sentosa Cove - are being developed. Gurjit Singh said: "At this stage, we have not got proposals. Certainly being one of the last few sites on Sentosa, we would be quite patient in receiving the proposals. Certainly we want too see how things pan out before we actually go out to the market and talk to people."

The various projects are based on a strategic plan in 2002 to rejuvenate Sentosa Island, Sentosa Cove, the HarbourFront area and the Southern Islands. Sentosa says it'll be seeking proposals for the hotel once the integrated resort bid is completed.

The S$12 billion Masterplan for Sentosa - which includes the integrated resort - is now in its final phase and is expected to be completed by 2010. By then, Sentosa is expected to host 8 million guests a year. - CNA/ch

Today Online 30 Nov 06
More Tanjung Beach hotels?

THE operator of Sentosa may consider releasing two adjoining plots of land at the Tanjung Beach area for resort hotel development.

The two plots could be combined into a single site, said Sentosa Leisure Group's property director Gurjit Singh, at the sidelines of a conference. But Mr Singh added that the decision would depend on the development plans for the Sentosa integrated resort, which is slated to open in 2010.

He stressed that it's also important to refresh the island's attractions to keep people comiing.

Three new resort hotels are being built on Sentosa over the next two years including the six-star Capella Singapore costing $250 million. Sentosa currently has five resort hotels: Costa Sands Resort, Rasa Sentosa Resort, Sijori Resort, Siloso Beach Resort, and The Sentosa Resort & Spa. 938LIVE

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