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  Straits Times Forum 28 Dec 06
Changi beach is fast disappearing. Act now to stop the erosion

Letter from Ms Tay Yean Ching

I visited Changi Beach on Dec 25 at a part that is frequented by many Singaporeans and it is a favourite camping spot for families.

The beach that used to be covered with fine sand is gone. It has been eroded by the recent torrential rain and the strong currents.

Nothing much is left of the beach, except for protruding roots of trees near the water's edge, and garbage. A palm tree lies on its side along the receding coastline.

This part of our coastline does not have the protective breakwater that East Coast Park has to prevent erosion of the beach.

Because it does not have this protection, the NParks has to be particularly vigilant to prevent the loss of quality parks like Changi Beach. A popular fishing location for anglers and families, this popular weekend getaway must be preserved and properly maintained.

Near the exhibition area of the Asian Aerospace, where many foreign delegates congregate each year to seal multi-million dollar deals, is an unkept waterfront.

NParks should also look into this and rectify it before the next Asian Aerospace exhibition.

As a nature lover, I do not wish to see our natural green spaces left in such a derelict state.

Beach 'repair' photos of the pointless exercise of trying to maintain artificial beaches, on Joseph Lai's eart-h.com
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