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Reef Walk 14 Nov 04
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Thank you for organising this walk. It's an eye-opening experience to see such wonderful creations of God! We should preserve/conserve whatever nature we still have. Irene and Mabel

Very glad to experience first-hand the last remaining coral reef of Singapore. Do hope that we can keep this as a legacy to our suceeding generations for them to enjoy. Ben Tan.

An eduational trip with many surprised findings. A natural heritage that is truely Singapore. Dickson Tia

A new experience to me. Really eye opening.

It is really an eye open. Nature is beautiful.

It was a great and enriching trip. Would want to visit this place again.

Really nice place. Hope that even after our visit, the area will continue to remain beautiful AND protected.

It has been a most enjoyable walk, with lots of beautiful marine life! Hope it'll stay this way! Goh Kiat Teng

It's a great place...thot it was a brown 'n' grey place...but it's so colourful! Angie

We enjoyed the guided tour and the island very much. Well done. John and Lay Yean

Never know that Singapore Shores can be so "different". Really an amazing and educational trip to Kusu. Keep up the good work!! Don't give up. Thanks guys and gals.

Hope this place can be conserved for future generations. Please don't re-develop it.

Well done, Pam, Daniel and "Why"! Thank you very much. Evelyn

Daniel/Pam/y: Thought this trip going to benefit my son, who knows I enjoye and learn a lot too. Thanks. Karen Sum

Thank you for organising such trips for us to see and learn more. Keep up the good work. LP and Pat

Thanks for this wonderful fieldtrip. It has been a fruitful walk on Kusu Island. Hope to see you all soon!

Educational and fun at the same time; with experienced guides. What more could we ask for. Lovely walk! Pauline

Definitely a most remarkable experience and just at our doorstep. A "must" for all Singaporeans to take care and treasure. Evelyn Tan

Its a wonderful experience. I had never expect that we had such a vast marine life in Kusu Island. It will be a waste if future development will affect the marine life, it will be such a shame! David

Thanks so much for organising such a meaningful reef walk for us! We appreciated your effort. Nature is amazing. We should certainly try our best to preserve it! Jess

It is amazing that we can see such interesting sponge, coral, etc here. Hope to see them again.

Good eyeopener experience today @ kusu; if the Southern Shores get reclaimed; it's a crying shame. Ditto for Chek stop.

A very educational guidance tour. Well done. Keep up the great work to promote Singapore's natural marine heritage.

To all in BWV, It's really heartening to see what you guys have been doing/are doing! Keep the passion alive! SweeKeng

To everyone that's at BWV. It is cool that we are raining awareness of the nature places in Singapore. Keep it up. We might preserve more of Singapore from urbanisation. Wee Kee

It was fun seeing these for the first time. Thank you. Wee Kon

Thank you. Fantastic! Yim

Lots of things to see. Must come back again. Wai Man

Blue corals..seaweeds..fantastic. Kiat Lian

It's an eye opener. Glad to know that SIngapore has its own marine diversity. Hope it'll remain for the future generation.

Thanks. Arrived late but thoroughly enjoyed the last hlaf hour, will return one day. John Ireland.

Kusu Island is a national heritage...Do preserve it! Terry and Huiling

It's an enriching lesson. Thanks. Vincent

It's an interesting trip and fun too! Thanks to our guides too! Liqing

Wonderful to have volunteer groups like BWV around. More people should know what Singapore can offer! Thanks. Willy
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