Southern Shores of Singapore
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Walk on
the wild side!

guided walks
on our reefs

Don't need to swim
Don't need to dive

to enjoy the beauty
of our very own reefs...
Join the Blue Water Volunteers' free guided walks on the reef flats of the Southern Islands of Singapore during the low tides. This project aims to introduce Singaporeans (whether or not they are swimmers or divers) to the last remaining reefs in Singapore. more about the walks on the BWV website.

Want to join the public walk? Want to volunteer as a guide?

Please contact Ming Sheng at

Photos of the reef walks
14 Nov reefwalk and what visitors have to say

11 and 12 Dec reefwalks, what visitors have to say and Jani's blog of the walks

For more about our reefs and our Southern Islands.
About the Blue Water Volunteers and their activities.
Media articles on the volunteer effort on the Southern Shores
Finding Nemo at Kusu Island on the NTUC online website: an article of the Blue Water Volunteers free guided reef walks.

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