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Reef Walk 11 & 12 Dec 04
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Today's trip has been amazing as I've not seen or experienced anything like that in all my almost 20+ years living in Singapore. Thanks to the group of volunteers and the relevant authorities and parties for preserving and allowing us this place and this trip for such a great experience in the natural environment. PS. I've not taken any sea shell nor any special souvenier home as I now understand their important function in the natural habitat.

I learned a lot of things on this trip and I enjoyed it very much. Maybe if you could cordon off the corals it would be better because then people will know not to handle it carelessly.

There aren't many such natural marine places that Singaporeans can go and enjoy/learn about marine life and its diversity. We should do our very best to preserve and conserve for present and future generations to enjoy. It's been great joining the tour today. There is something new I learn after each such trip (Chek Jawa, Sungei Buloh, etc) and I want to thank all the volunteer members for their passion and commitment in bringing such activities to us. Thanks.

Thank you! A most enriching experience. Keep up the good work! Cary.

To the BWV volunteers, a BIG THANK U. The reef walk is an eye opener. I've never realised that there are so many corals alive in Singapore! Compared to Chek Jawa, it presents a different facet of marine biodiversity. If only more public and government are aware of this jewel, more can be done to perserve this wonderful national treasure!

I want to come again! Matthew and David Sim.

A very enriching experience and there are a lot of interesting things. Very happy to be on the trip. No one checking for the number of people on the return trip. Might want to check on that.

It's a pity is raining! However, is an exciting experience. Wonderful marine life still exists in Singapore coastal island. More awareness among schools etc should be encouraged.

Bad weather but still managed to see some interesting corals. Learned quite a lot about the coral and other organisms around.

The reefwalk is fantastic and a memorable experience. We will definitely come back again. Keep up the good work!! Joyce and Brandon.

The walk is very interesting and it should be introduced to the public more often and it is a good alternative from Chek Jawa. Thanks for organising the walk to create awareness to the beauty of nature. Samantha.

Well done! Enjoyed myself. Learn a lot of new stuff too! Organise more such activities and may be bring in school children too so that they can appreciate nature from youg. Sill.

It's been FUN. Pity about the weather. But thanx guides for your friendly info.

Great experience except for the weather. But then, that's special. Thanks!

I had a meaningful time, very enjoyable. Really opened my eyes to the biodiversity we have in Singapore. Very enthusiastic and inspirational guides! Feedback: advise bring ponchos/raincoats or sell them.

Very good and educational walk. Pity the bad weather though. Have learnt much about this wonderful natural resource that we have in Singpaore. Thanks for organising this and will definitely spread the message about the reefs in Singapore around. One small suggestion: Be good if you informed of the need to bring ponchos in case of bad weather. That may be easier to walk around in light rain.
Simply Awesome! The volunteers were very professional and friendly. They are helpful and their passion and love for educating the public is very clear in their explanations to us. We've made new friends and learnt more about our underwater environment. Perhaps this can be extended to the tourists as a day trip. It's very informative and enjoyable. Danielle and Esther.

Nice, Wet, Enjoyable. Too bad for the weather. But you all have good back up plans. Excellent!

Reef was at Kusu Island 2004: The weather was not very cooperative but I think the guides showed good spirits, trying to show us things that they had found and conducting a mini classroom session in the huts. Thanks a lot! Better weather next time and more discoveries!

BWV: Wonderful and Informative Afternoon! Thank you and keep it up. SK and family

I enjoyed the trip today despite the rainy weather. The guides were informative and entertaining throughout the walk. Thank you for this opportunity to visit and observe the marine life in Kusu Island. This project is a great idea that should be continued.

Dedicated and enthusiastic guides. Great job! Suat.

It's rather interesting but it's been raining cats and dogs since we've landed on the island. Hope to see more things the next time, so I don't mind to come again or to Chek Jawa. Tho we can't see much things (think it depends on luck), we did learn quite a lot from the BWV. They are very friendly and thanks a lot for them to sacrifice their time and share with us so much information. Thanks. Sophie.

Helpful, friendly and knoweledgeable guides!! Definitely recommend to everyone.

Thanks for an informative and educational session...and for working so hard to conserve our little part of nature. Wendy

The guides were good and they're very friendly helpful. Boon is also very caring, Pam, she was helpful and cheerful, makes us just feel the warmth. And the other 2 guys are as good as them. Thank you!

Our children enjoyed this trip very much. It's a good experience for us. We hope to come back again and will spread the news about this walk. Kristy and James.

A very enjoyable walk close to nature. Terence, Becky, KL.

Perfect nature. FUN, SUN SEA. Learnt a lot. Great trip.

Interesting, eye-opening and FUN outing!

Saw quite some stuff despite the horrible weather. It was a great experience! Thanks for doing what many of us have thought of doing but never took the time to. Elaine.

Thanks for the time and effort in organising this event. Every little bit adds to our knowledge of and enjoyment of our natural heritage. Hopefully enough remains in the future to show our kids and let them go "wow"! Jonathan and Ai Shing.

This activity is interesting and highly educational. We are glad that you guys organise such interesting event for us before it's gone! Thank you. Andy and Audrey.

Sell (or provide) disposable ponchos. Give briefings on ferry -- save time to allow more time for exploring the shores.

I enjoyed myself during the walk. I learnt many things about the marine environment. But Ka Pui.
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