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Photo index of bivalves on Singapore shores
large clams >8cm

Green mussel
Perna viridis

Large scallop
Family Pectinidae

Window-pane shell
Placuna sp.

Leaf oyster
Isognomon ephippium

Fan shell
Family Pinnidae
5-8cm. Shell thin, smooth usually brownish edged in green. Attached to hard surfaces: jetty pilings, boulders. Common on our Northern shores, sometimes in huge numbers. 6-10cm. Shell flat, circular and ribbed. Long and short tentacles emerge from gape. Seagrasses and reefs. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 6-12cm. Shell thin, translucent, white. Lies unattached on the ground. Seagrass areas. Commonly seen on our Northern shores and some southern shores. 6-8cm. Shell flat, thin, round, white. Stuck to mangrove tree roots often in large groups. Commonly seen in our mangroves. 10-30cm. Shell thin and fragile, margin rounded, with weak ribs and small scales, purplish brown. Seagrass areas. Common on some of our shores.

Burrowing giant clam
Tridacna crocea

Fluted giant clam
Tridacna squamosa
10-15cm. Shell with thin wavy ridges. Shell thick with weak ribs. Coral rubble and reefs. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 15-20cm. Shell thick with highly fluted sides. Stuck to rocks or rubble (not buried). Sometimes seen on our Southern shores.      

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