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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > sea slugs > Order Nudibranchia
Polka-dot nudibranch
Jorunna funebris
Family Discodorididae
updated Sep 12
Where seen? This distinctive elegantly-spotted nudibranch is regularly encountered on many our shores. Sometimes lots are seen. On coral rubble near reefs.

Features: 1- 6cm long. Fleshy oval body, white with black circular markings. These markings are actually made up of tiny raised black bristles on the skin (called caryophyllidia). In fact, the entire body is covered with bristles, which are mostly white, giving the animal a fuzzy appearance. It has black-tipped rhinophores and black edging on feathery gills on the back.

What does it eat? It is said to eat a blue sponge (Neopetrosia sp.). Indeed, on Pulau Sekudu, we have seen large Polka-dot jorunna nudibranchs near these sponges, sometimes in pairs, and sometimes appearing to have just having laid a ribbon-like egg mass. Elsewhere, we have also seen these nudibranchs near blue sponges.

Sentosa, Mar 05

A pair of Polka-dot jorunnas near
blue jorunna sponge

Black edged gills

The spots are actually arrangements
of tiny black bristles.

Polka-dot nudibranchs on Singapore shores

With egg mass near
blue jorunna sponge

Pulau Sekudu, Jul 05

Chomping on a blue sponge?
Pulau Semakau, Jan 09

Chomping on a blue sponge?
South Cyrene, Feb 11

Ate something large?
Pulau Semakau, Mar 08

Pulau Semakau, Feb 08

Tanah Merah, Aug 11

Tiny, about 1cm. Several seen.
Sentosa, Jan 06

Black dendrodoris nudibranchs on Singapore shores
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