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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > sea slugs > Order Nudibranchia > Family Phyllidiidae
Black phyllid nudibranch
Phyllidiella nigra
Family Phyllidiidae
updated Sep 12

Where seen? This black nudibranch with pink bumps is often seen on our Southern shores, near coral rubble and reefs.

Features: 4-5 cm long. Body long, hard with bumps (called tubercles) that are evenly distributed throughout its body (not clustered in groups or in ridges along the body). The bumps are tall and rounded, are pink to red near the tips, but black where they join the body. The short rhinophores are black. When disturbed, it secretes a milky substance. The broad foot on the underside is bluish and does not have a line along the centre.

Kusu Island, Feb 05

Terumbu Bemban, Jul 11

SMilky substance secreted when disturbed.

Short black rhinophores.

Sisters Island, May 07

A pair of oral tentacles on the underside.

Gills hidden under the body.

Black phyllid nudibranchs on Singapore shores

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