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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > sea slugs > Order Nudibranchia
Beaded nudibranch
Hoplodoris nodulosa
Family Discodorididae
updated Oct 2016
Where seen? This nudibranch with bead-like bumps is sometimes seen on on our Northern shores among seagrasses and seaweeds. It appears to be seasonally common, often with many seen during a single visit.

Features: 4-5cm long. Hard broad body with rounded bumps all over it like beads with a broad band down the centre of the body which has fewer or no bumps and is usually darker in colour. The body doesn't fall apart when handled. Gills feathery and orange. The underside is pale with some smudged darkish blotches on the edges. The narrow foot is plain.

Pulau Sekudu, Jun 05


Feathery gills.


Beaded nudibranchs on Singapore shores

Photos of Beaded nudibranchs for free download from wildsingapore flickr

Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map

Pulau Sekudu, Apr 09

Photo shared by Toh Chay Hoon on her blog.

Tanah Merah, Jul 09

Photo shared by James Koh on his blog.

Chek Jawa, Nov 07

Photo shared by Toh Chay Hoon on her flickr.

Chek Jawa, Jan 14
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on facebook.

Changi, Dec 12
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

Pulau Ubin, Dec 12
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

Cyrene, Feb 17
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on facebook.

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