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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > sea slugs > Order Sacoglossa
Tendril slug
Lobiger viridis
Family Oxynoidae
updated Sep 12
Where seen? Seen once on Changi among seaweeds.

Features: To about 3cm. It has a green shell and four long 'fingers' sticking out of the sides of its body that look like tendrils of a seaweed. These tendrils can be 'rolled up', making the slug very difficult to see among round seagrape seaweeds, for example.

The tendrils can also be unrolled. This may be done to deter predators. The tendrils can also be dropped off (autotomized) whereupon the tendril continues to wriggle and thus distract the predator.

Changi, Jun 05
What does it eat? Reports find this slug often among Oval sea grape seaweeds (Caulerpa racemosa). The tendrils may also help the slug obtain food from photosynthesis. Like other sacoglossans, this slug retains in its body, the chloroplasts obtained from its seaweed food.

Tendril slugs on Singapore shores
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