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Ribbon-like seagrasses
How to tell them apart?
updated Apr 2020

Ribbon-like These different kinds of ribbon-like seagrasses can look very similar.
Here's some tips on telling them apart.

Smooth ribbon seagrass
Cymodocea rotundata
Serrated ribbon seagrass
Cymodocea serrulata
Sickle seagrass
Thalassia hemprichii
Leaf tip rounded or squarish with smooth edge, sometimes with indentation in the middle. Leaf tip rounded with serrated edge. Leaf tip rounded.
No cross hatched veins. No cross hatched veins. Cross hatched veins.
Rhizomes thick, smooth. Rhizomes thick, smooth. Rhizomes thick, with leaf scars.

Tape seagrass
Enhalus acoroides

Needle seagrass
Halodule sp.

Leaf edges are inrolled. Leaf with distinct midrib vein. Leaf may be very narrow or broad.  
Leaf tip rounded smooth. Leaf tip with two or three points  

More comparisons

Noodle seagrass
Syringodium isoetifolium

Spoon seagrass
Halophila ovalis

Beccarri's seagrass
Halophila beccarri
Has cylindrical leaves.
Has oval leaves.
Has tiny leaves that
emerge in a rosette.

how to tell apart seagrasses from seaweeds

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