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Tape seagrass

Enhalus acoroides

Smooth ribbon seagrass
Cymodocea rotundata

Serrated ribbon seagrass
Cymodocea serrulata

Sickle seagrass

Thalassia hemprichii

Needle seagrass

Halodule pinifolia
and H. univervis
Longest seagrass with ribbon-like leaves. 30cm-1.5m long, 1-2cm wide. Thick rhizomes. Flowering often observed. Large female flowers on coiled stalk. Tiny white male flowers produced from inflorescence at base of the plant. Often seen on most of our undisturbed shores. Largest meadow on Pulau Semakau. Narrow and shorter ribbon-like leaves with rounded or squarish tips without serrations. Rhizomes thick and smooth. Seen on Chek Jawa, Tanah Merah and Cyrene Reef. Narrow and shorter ribbon-like leaves with rounded tips with fine serrations. Rhizomes thick and smooth. Seen on some of our Southern reefs and shores. Shorter and broader ribbon-like leaves that are curved into strap sickle shapes (4-11mm wide and 10-40cm long). Rhizomes thick. Small patch on Chek Jawa, larger meadows on Labrador, scattered clumps on some of our other Southern shores. Thin ribbon-like leaves up to 15cm long and 3.5mm wide. Rhizomes thin. Sometimes seen on some our shores, especially on sand bars. Luxuriant growths seen on seaward sandbars on Chek Jawa.

Spoon seagrass

Halophila ovalis

Hairy spoon seagrass

Halophila decipiens

Beccarii's seagrass

Halophila beccarii

Fern seagrass

Halophila spinulosa

Noodle seagrass

Syringodium isoetifolium
Spoon shaped leaves, 0.5-1cm wide, 1-4cm long, emerging in pairs. Common on many of our shores. Spoon shaped leaves, longer and the width, 0.5 wide, 1-2.5cm long, emerging in pairs. Minute serrations on edges and minute hairs on both sides of the leaves. Seen in deeper waters in our Southern islands. Seagrass with the smallest leaves, 0.5cm wide, emerging in a rosette of 5-10 leaves. Common on Chek Jawa. 2cm wide, 4cm long. Only seagrass with opposite leaves on a stem that makes it appear fern-like. 10-20 opposite pairs of leaves on one stem, the stem about 4cm long. Rhizomes thin, sometimes woody. Common on Chek Jawa and Changi. Leaves cylindrical (like plastic tubing). Common on on Pulau Semakau.

These are NOT seagrasses, they are seaweeds
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Taxifolia feathery

Caulerpa taxifolia

Delicate feathery

Caulerpa setularioides

Mexican feathery

Caulerpa mexicana

Zipper seaweed

Caulerpa cupressoides

Tangled sponge
Phylum Porifera
5-7cm. Flat central stem about the same width as the long flat side 'branches' that are sickle shaped with pointed tips. Each 'feather' is narrower than that of the Feathery seaweed. 5-7cm long. Cylindrical central stem with long cylindrical side 'branches' with pointed tips. Each 'feather' is broader than that of the Narrow feathery seaweed. 5-6cm long. Flat central stem about the same width as the flat side 'branches' that have rounded tips. 4-6cm long, Flat central stem that is wider than the short side 'branches' with pointed tips. Looks like a zipper. Stems 15-20cm long, 1cm in wide with holes along the length. The stems are often in a tangle. Bluish to olive green. Among coral rubble. Sometimes seen on some of our Southern shores.

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