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Caulerpa green seaweeds
Caulerpa sp.
Family Caulerpaceae
updated Jan 13

Where seen? Many of the green seaweeds seen on our shores belong to this genus.

Features: These small, bright green seaweeds come in a variety of shapes. Some look like sausages made up of tiny little green balls, others look feathery and resemble seagrasses, yet others are like tiny umbrellas.

According to AlgaeBase, there are more than 190 current Caulerpa species.

Human uses: Caulerpa species are among those grown for human consumption. These include Caulerpa lentillifera. However, some Caulerpa species produce toxins to protect themselves from browsing fish. This also makes them toxic to humans.

Caulerpa taxifolia was accidentally introduced outside its natural range and has now become a serious pest in the Mediterranean, Australia and California.

Slug heaven:
Many kinds of sap-sucking slugs (Order Sacoglossa) are often seen in Caulerpa green seaweeds.

A bloom of Feathery green seaweed.
Chek Jawa, Aug 07

Caulerpa seaweeds on Singapore shores

Round sea grapes
Caulerpa lentillifera

Oval sea grapes
Caulerpa racemosa

Bell sea grapes seaweed
Caulerpa racemosa
var. turbinata

Mexican green seaweed
Caulerpa mexicana

Broad feathery green seaweed
Caulerpa sertularioides

Zipper green seaweed
Caulerpa cupressoides

Serrated green seaweed
Caulerpa serrulata

Fluffy green seaweed
Caulerpa verticillata

Big parasol green seaweed
Caulerpa peltata

Small parasol green seaweed
Caulerpa racemosa
var. peltata

Bottlebrush green seaweed
Caulerpa webbiana

Caulerpa recorded for Singapore
Pham, M. N., H. T. W. Tan, S. Mitrovic & H. H. T. Yeo, 2011. A Checklist of the Algae of Singapore.
+From our observation

  Caulerpa cupressoides (Zipper green seaweed)
Caulerpa cupressoides
var. lycopodium
Caulerpa lentillifera
(Round sea grapes seaweed)
Caulerpa macrophysa
(see Caulerpa racemosa)
Caulerpa mexicana
(Mexican green seaweed)
Caulerpa peltata
(Big parasol green seaweed)
Caulerpa peltata var. macrodisca
Caulerpa racemosa
(Oval sea grapes seaweed)
Caulerpa racemosa
var. clavifera
Caulerpa racemosa
var. occidentalis
+Caulerpa racemosa var. peltata (Small parasol green seaweed)
Caulerpa racemosa var. turbinata (Bell sea grapes seaweed)

Caulerpa scalpelliformis
Caulerpa serrulata
(Serrated green seaweed)
Caulerpa sertularioides
(Delicate feathery green seaweed)
Caulerpa sertularioides var. longiseta
Caulerpa taxifolia
(Taxifolia feathery green seaweed)
Caulerpa verticillata
(Fluffy green seaweed)
+Caulerpa webbiana (Bottlebrush green seaweed)

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