Listed among Singapore's threatened plants and animals

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Some marine life forms on the Singapore Red List

from Davison, G.W. H. and P. K. L. Ng and Ho Hua Chew, 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book: Threatened plants and animals of Singapore.

Phylum Cnidaria
corals, sea anemones and relatives

Phylum Mollusca
snails, clams, slugs and relatives

Phylum Echinodermata
sea stars and relatives

Worm Phyla
flatworms, worms and other worm-like animals

Marine plants
  Phylum Arthropoda

Class Crustacea
crabs, prawns, shrimps, hermit crabs and relatives

Other marine arthropods
horseshoe crabs

Phylum Chordata
  Subphylum Vertebrata
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