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  Electric New Paper 15 Feb 07
Jumping wild dolphins 'confirmed' their love
By Teh Jen Lee

FOR some couples who fall in love, it's kismet. For the Tays, though, it was a pair of dolphins who helped them start their relationship.

Mr Wilfred Tay, 41, and his wife, Stephanie, 32, had prayed for a sign to show that their love was real and would last. That was eight years ago. They had known each other for a few years then, mostly through group outings. Mr Tay, a pastor at Zion Living Streams Community Church, recalled how he was on a retreat at Sentosa with a friend.

He said: 'My friend asked his girlfriend to visit, so I asked Stephanie to come too. I had asked her to pray about going steady a week before. 'She told me she needed a month, so I wasn't expecting anything.' Both of them didn't rush because they wanted to make a decision which would see them through thick and thin.

Then, during a post-dinner stroll along Tanjong Beach at Sentosa with their friends, they saw what they were looking for - the sign. Mrs Tay, a housewife, said: 'The date was 10 May 1999. The day we saw the dolphins was the day we started going steady.'

Her journal entry for that day reads: 'Suddenly, while both of us were looking in the same direction towards the sea, a dolphin jumped up and did a back-flip. Both of us saw it. 'We were so amazed. It was so beautiful. Can you imagine a dolphin in Singapore?' Immediately after the back flip, another dolphin did a forward flip.


Their two friends, who were walking ahead of them, did not see the dolphins because it happened so quickly. 'We were too stunned to say anything,' said Mrs Tay.

Mr Tay agreed: 'We didn't know that there were wild dolphins here. It was our first time seeing them like this.'

After a 2 1/4-year courtship, the couple married in 2001. They now have a 4-year-old daughter and 7-week-old son. Mrs Tay joked: 'Since then, we haven't gone to see other dolphins. 'We only have eyes for each other.'

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