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Don't release balloons at Sentosa. They kill the turtles which eat them Letter from Isabel Kang (Ms) Straits Times Forum online 8 Jun 06

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Year of the Turtle events in Singapore

14 Jun (Wed): "Our Marine Heritage - Conservation and Management of Sea Turtles"

Organised by National Biodiversity Reference Centre, the speakers include Dr CH Diong (Professor, National Institute of Education, NTU), Kalthom Abdul Latiff (Deputy Director East Branch, Parks Div, NParks) and Sivasothi (Research Officer, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS).

Topics and issues to be covered include:
a. Current research activities on sea turtle research in Singapore.
b. Best practices on handling and reporting of turtle sightings, nesting, hatching and egg collection.
c. NParks involvement in turtle conservation - eg Year of the Turtle (YoT) committee, turtle hatchling release etc.
d. Public engagement - developing and disseminating a "national protocol" to handle sightings of turtles and nesting.
e. "Call to Action" - What do you want a NParks staff to do if he / she spots a sea turtle, turtle egg, dead turtle/marine mammal.

In addition, there will a mini-poster exhibit of photographs and Year of the Turtle posters.

Time: 2.30-5pm
Venue: Peirce Road Depot, Multi-purpose Hall
Contact: Jeffrey Low Jeffrey_LOW@nparks.gov.sg

24 Jun (Sat): "Year of Turtle 2006" Public Seminar

About sea turtles and what various agencies in Singapore are doing about them.

"Sea Turtles and Singapore: Biology, recent nesting, and conservation" by C H Diong , Nanyang Technological University, NIE

"Underwater World Singapore and Sea Turtle Conservation" by Wah Yap Hon, Assistant Curator, Underwater World Singapore Pte Ltd

"Singapore CITES and Sea Turtles" by Gerald Neo, Senior Wildlife Enforcement Officer, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority

Followed by a Q & A and Panel Discussion and Display of Sea Turtle Exhibits and Materials

More details on the National Library website

Time: 3-5pm
Venue: Imagination Room, Level 5, National Library, 100 Victoria Street

19 Aug (Sat): Kids' Fun with Sea Turtles

With the Nature Society (Singapore) Education Group and friends. Want to know more about Sea Turtles? Where they live, what they eat and how you can help protect them from the many dangers they face? Come join us at East Coast Park where over 70 baby Hawksbill Turtles showed up a few months ago.

This fun session for kids aged 5 to 11 will focus on sea turtle ecology, sea turtle stories and what each of us can do to help turtles live happy and free for many generations to come! We'd also be making sea turtle nests and learning sea turtle craft!

Meeting place for this morning session at the beach will be confirmed upon registration.

To register, email Vilma vdroza@nie.edu.sg
and Zaki bpelari@yahoo.com giving your child's name, age and your contact number.

Contact: More details about the Nature Society (Singapore). To join the NSS, email contact@nss.org.sg or call 6741 2036.
Sep: International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Marine litter endangers sea turtles and our other marine life. Join this programme to learn more about marine litter AND make a difference. More details and sign up on the ICCS website

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Here's what YOU can do ...

Don't buy sea turtle products:
Trinkets or products made from turtle shell or leather. Food and medicinal products made from sea turtle eggs, meat, oils and fat.

Dispose of rubbish properly. Jellyfish are among the favourite food of sea turtles. Sea turtles that mistakenly eat floating plastic bags and balloons may eventually die.

Don't discard fishing nets and fishing lines in the sea. Sea turtles breathe air. If they are trapped in abandoned nets and fishing lines, they may drown.

Protect our marine habitats. They are homes to our sea turtles.

Be a responsible boater. Be careful when travelling near reefs and seagrass areas where sea turtles are often found.

Be a responsible diver. If you encounter a sea turtle, do not disturb or harass it.

Be a responsible tourist. Visiting a beach famous for its sea turtles? Support turtle-friendly businesses there. Don't walk on the beach at night. Find out more about the sea turtles there and their habitats.
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