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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > Family Cypraeidea
Four-spot cowrie
Eclogavena quadrimaculata
Family Cypraeidae
updated Oct 2016

Where seen? This little cowrie is sometimes seen on our Southern shores among coral rubble near living reefs. It was previously known as Cypraea quadrimaculata.

Features: 2-3cm.
Shell cylindrical, generally pale with small speckles. There are four large rather triangular brown spots on the shell, two spots at the front end of the shell and two at the back end. The underside is white, the 'teeth' are raised and not coloured. The living animal has a dark to black mantle with white or pinkish spots.

When the shell is completely covered in its mantle, it is sometimes mistaken for a sea slug. Here's more on how to tell apart slugs and animals that look like slugs.

Status and threats: Like other creatures of the intertidal zone, cowries are affected by human activities such as reclamation and pollution. Trampling by careless visitors and over-collection can also have an impact on local populations.

Beting Bemban Besar, Aug 12

Sentosa, Sep 08

Sisters Island, Oct 11

Raised 'teeth' on the underside.

Four-spot cowries on Singapore shores

Photos of Four-spot cowries for free download from wildsingapore flickr

Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map

Terumbu Raya, Aug 14

Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on his blog.

Pulau Semakau, May 11

Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

With grateful thanks to Tan Siong Kiat of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research for identifying this cowrie.


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