shelled snails text index
Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda
Photo index of shelled snails on Singapore shores

tiny snails (1cm or less)
in various shapes and ecosystems
small snails (1-2cm)
on and under rocks
sand, seagrasses and elsewhere
medium snails (2-5cm)
with oval shells
medium snails (2-5cm)
with round or conical shells
on and under rocks
on sand and elswhere
medium snails (2-5cm)
with long shell
on rocks, mangrove trees and hard surfaces
on sand and reefs
large snails (5-8cm)
in various shapes and various ecosystems
very large snails
(8cm and more)
in various shapes and various ecosystems
limpet-like and other strangely shaped snails
slugs with external shell

These are NOT snails

hermit crabs

Phylum Crustacea
These animals live in
shells of dead snails.

Order Ciripedia
SubPhylum Crustacea

how to tell apart shelled animals found on rocks

photo index of
molluscs on this site
Phylum Mollusca
all molluscs

Class Gastropoda
snails with shells

tiny <1cm

small 1-2cm

medium 2-5cm
oval shell
long shell
round shell

large 5-8cm

very large >8cm

& other shapes
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