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periwinkle snail

Echinolittorina malaccana

periwinkle snail


periwinkle snail

awaiting identification
0.8-1cm. Shell thin with tiny knobs, often bleached white. On boulders near the high water mark. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 0.8-1cm. Shell thin, more rounded than other periwinkles. Colours variable. On boulders. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 1-2cm. Shells thin, smooth with fine grooves. Colour variable: black to pale with striped pattern. On boulders. Commonly seen on many of our shores.    

Dubious nerite snail
Clithon oualaneinsis

Button snail
Umbonium vestiarium
About 1cm. Shell thin and oval, usually a dull colour. Seagrass, silty mud. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 0.3-0.5cm. Shell thin, spherical, smooth with fine designs in various patterns. Near freshwater sources. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 0.8-1cm. Shell thin, circular and flat with a bewildering variety of designs. No two designs are alike. On sand bars and sandy shores. Abundant where seen, on some Northern shores.    

Red berry snail
Assiminea sp.

Red spindle cowrie
Family Ovulidae

Ulimid snails
Family Eulimidae

Tiny seagrass snails
Alaba virgata
0.5-0.8cm. Shell thin, spherical, smooth. Bright red sometimes black. On back mangrove mud, sometimes in large numbers. Commonly seen in some of our mangroves. 1-1.5cm. Shell thin, elongated and usually covered with mantle which matches the sea fan in colour, pattern and texture. Commonly seen on sea fans on our Northern shores. 0.1-0.5cm. Long white conical shell. Seen on sea stars. Sometimes seen on our shores. 0.1-0.5cm. Conical translucent shell with maroon lines. May be abundant on seagrasses on our Northern shores.  

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