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Phylum Mollusca > Order Gastropoda
Photo index of snails on Singapore shores
large snails (5-8cm) various shell shapes

Gong-gong or
Pearl conch

Strombus turturella

Margined conch
Strombus marginatus sowerbyorum

Black-lipped conch
Canarium urceus

Dark Diana conch
Euprotomus aratrum
6-7cm. Shell thick with large flared lip, inner shell opening pearly, gold. Silty sandy areas near seagrass. Commonly seen on many of our shores. 6-7cm. Shell thick with wavy flared lip, pattern of bars on upper side. Sandy areas and near seagrass. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 3-5cm. Shell longer and narrower, inner shell opening black. Seagrass areas. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 7-9cm. Shell thick, flared lip with one prong. Shell opening with brown stains. Rare. Rarely seen.  

Vitate conch
Doxander vittatus apicatus

Javan turrid snail
Turricula javana

Cone snail

Family Conidae

Japanese bonnet snail
Semicassis bisulcata

Spiral babylon snail
Babylonia spirata
6-7cm. Shell long narrow thick with flared wavy lip. Rarely seen. 5-7cm. Shell thick, conical with long siphonal canal and regular knobs on the spiralling ridges. Sandy areas near seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 5-10cm. Shell heavy, conical like an ice-cream cone. But some have pointed tips or are olive-shaped. Shell opening a narrow slit. Reefs, rocky shores. Live ones rarely seen. HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Do not handle. 5-7cm. Shell thin with spiral ribs. White, cream, pink or blue-grey. Sometimes unmarked, sometimes with 4 or 5 spiral bands of brown spots. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 4-5cm. Shell thick, conical, smooth with distinctive spiral. Shell colour and pattern variable. Sandy areas near seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores.

Frog snail

Reef murex snail

Dolphin snail
Angaria delphinus
4-6cm. Shell thick, conical with many regular bumps and blunt spines. Rarely seen.

5-7cm. Shell thick with rows of fronds or spikes along the length. Hard surfaces and sandy areas near reefs. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.

6-7cm. Shell with spines and elongated siphonal canal. Usually only shells of dead snails are seen on our Northern shores.   4-6cm. Shell, thick and flattened conical usually hidden by encrusting lifeforms. Shell opening pearly. Operculum thin, brown and horn-like. Rocks near reefs. Sometimes seen on some of our Southern shores.

Arabian cowrie
Mauritia arabica

Tiger cowrie

Cypraea tigris

Milk-spotted cowrie

Lyncina vitellus

Belongkeng snail
5-8cm. Shell smooth with variable pattern. Underside with spots on the outer edges and brown 'teeth'. Near reefs. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 8-9cm, can reach 15cm. Shell smooth oval to pear-shaped, with lots of dark spots. Underside white including the 'teeth'. The mantle pattern resembles tiger stripes. Near living reefs. Rarely seen, on our Southern shores. 7cm. Near reefs. Rarely seen.   4-9cm. Shell thick oval. Inner shell opening white. On mangrove trees. Sometimes seen in our mangroves.

Clear sundial snail

Partridge sundial snail

Sunburst carrier
shell snail

Stellaria solaris
5-6cm in diameter. Shell coils form a flat disk. Spirals in white, black and shades of brown. The body is striped too. Sandy shores. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 6-8cm in diameter. Shell coils form a flat disk. Spirals of brown bars. The body is plain. Seagrass meadows. Rarely seen. 8-10cm.Shell not so thick, whorled with 14 long spines on the last whorl. Empty shells sometimes washed ashore.    

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